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Tux using a computer. Welcome to the ChristianSource Free Software and Linux Users Group! If you already know about CS-FSLUG, and you would like to join our community, please use the "Manage Subscription" link on the left side of this page. If you are still wondering exactly what you have stumbled on here, please read the FAQ below.

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The Linux for Christians web site and mailing list have relaunched. Please consider supporting and fellowshiping with our brothers and sisters in Christ at L4C in addition to joining CS-FSLUG.

1.) Q: What is ChristianSource Free Software and Linux Users Group (CS-FSLUG)?
A: CS is a mailing list "user group" for Christians interested in Free Software1 ("open source") and Linux.

2.) Q: What is required for membership to CS-FSLUG?
A: We ask that you agree to the rules set out in this FAQ and also agree with the tenets of the Statement of Faith before you join.

3.) Q: What kind of topics are allowed on CS-FSLUG?
A: ChristianSource topics can be pretty much anything that would interest a Christian Linux/free software enthusiast. Troubleshooting, administration, new software, prayer requests, and even calm theological discussions are welcome.

4.) Q: What kind of topics are *not* allowed on CS-FSLUG?
A: Any message that attacks or disagrees with the core tenets as established in the CS-FSLUG Statement of Faith or goes directly against the Ten Commandments (i.e. taking God's name invain). Furthermore, profanity, flaming2, posting of unwanted attachments or URLs leading to offensive web sites, or discussion deemed inappropriate for Christians by the list administrators are also off topic and not permitted on this list.

5.) Q. What if I don't use Free software, nor have any interest in using it?
A. We don't know why you would join the list if you didn't use and had no interest in Free software, but if you decide to join the list anyway, we ask that you agree not to attack the philosophy of Free software or its use in any way.

6.) Q: I found a problem with your Statement of Faith, what should I do?
A: If you have found a problem in our Statement of Faith, please contact the administrators (Christiansource-owner at uninetsolutions dot com) and if your suggested changes are found to be fair, they will be issued as an RFC for the other members to discuss.

7.) Q: What happens if someone posts something that is not allowed?
A: This member would receive a warning to cease the activity in question. If the member does not heed the warning, he would be removed from the list.

8.) Q: Why don't you support political correctness (P.C.)?
A: Because decisions concerning what is or is not P.C. are based on man's wisdom rather then the wisdom of God as taught by the Bible.

1 Free in this case refers to free as in speech or "libre," see here.
2 Flaming is aggressive arguments or attacks on another list member.

The CS-FSLUG FAQ (RFC #002 v1.0, ratified 2002/01/20)

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